Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Summer School !?!

Well....I spent about 5 hours this evening in Atlanta filling out financial aid forms so I can afford to go to the Art Institute. Not fun...but it has to be done I guess. I can't believe this school is going to cost me a grand total of over $72,000. That's a crap load of money...money that I don't have. If you don't know yet...I start in July. So while the rest of you are enjoying your summer...I'll be working my butt off. But oh well...I'll get out before any of the rest of you will!!!! So there...I WIN, for once in my life.

In other news...Clint brought back the new and improved couch yesterday! The cushions are now silver...its really looks like something off the space ship lol. Thank you NASA! I love it...it's even more comfy than it was before that jerk broke it. So thank you Clint, TJ, Steve, and Gaddis! You guys are the coolest.

I was told tonight that maybe I'll meet someone on the ski trip that I'm going on in a couple of weeks...but I doubt it. Nothing seems to be going right in my "love" life right now. But hey...yet again...that's life. Something I need to get used to right? Exactly. Maybe someone will end up needing rescued or something lol...I could be their hero...or I could just keep dreaming lol.

Well...I think I'm off to bed....haven't gotten any sleep lately. I need all I can get. Later guys!


Sunday, February 06, 2005

Thanks to a very special person....

You know...God has a strange way of doing stuff. For instance...I've been looking for a girl friend for a long time now and I thought He had brought someone into my life. I've been really excited thinking that she could be the one that I was meant to date. Well, instead of a girl friend...He brought a very special person into my life to be my friend. And maybe that wasn't what I was looking for...but maybe that's what I needed instead. Another person that I can tell things to and know that they wont go tell the first person they see. Someone that I can trust and gain great advice from. Those are the people that are truly hard to find in today's world. I thank God for her...she's about the only one lately that has helped keep me sane, which I'm sure has been a hard thing to do lol. So if you're reading this...THANKS!

One last thing....GO PATRIOTS!!!!

Don't Worry...Be Happy Now

Well...things are beginning to look up I guess. I didn't get the girl I wanted...but hey, that's life. I've decided to change my attitude a bit...I'm going to strive to be less negative and be more positive about things. I have one piece of advice to everyone...if you like someone tell them how you feel, you can't go through life wondering "what if". Sure you may not get the answer you're looking for the first or second time lol, but at least they know how you feel. It's good to have an admirer...although to my knowledge I don't have any lol.

Super Bowl!!! I can't wait till tonight to watch the Super Bowl on a Big Screen TV !!!! It should be a very good game, and although I really don't want the Patriots to win again...I don't want the Eagles to win either because they beat us....we could have gone to the Super Bowl if it hadn't been for them...Oh Well....

I've got to finish getting ready for church...later yall!


Friday, February 04, 2005

There will be hell to pay...

And there will be hell to pay. I'm so pissed of right now. Here's why:

I go into second period today (mythology) only to find that the couch I usually sit on isn't there. This couch has been my desk since the semester began. So I ask Coach Perry (the teacher) what happened to it....he has no idea. We find out later that one of the janitors, a stupid hispanic guy who hates Perry, broke it up and threw it away just to piss Perry off. By this time I'm furious...it's not technically my couch...but still. I went the rest of the day planning out what I was going to say to him if I say him...luckily...Perry talked to him. It didn't get ugly, except for when the janitor got pissed off and started cussing...he'll be lucky if they don't fire him. Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Wages got involved...so you know it's got to be bad. GRRR....stupid people really upset me.

It's going to be ok because my friend Clint is taking the remains of the couch (after we finally found it next to a dumpster) home for repairs. It'll be back in class on Monday and I'll have my desk back! Sometimes its good to have people that are willing to do whatever it takes to help people out.

My day would have been really good if it hadn't been for a certain hispanic janitor. I got to see the girl I really really like this morning...made my day! The only problem is that she pretty much doesn't know i exsist...or if I do, it's not for her dating pleasure. I really ticks me off that girls won't give me a chance. I mean, I'm a really great guy, but nobody will take the time to get to know me. All I can say is that yall don't know what you're missing out on. I could just be the best that will ever happen to you...but you'll never know. The world is just way to concerned with what is "important" : money, looks, and what kind of a car you drive. Sigh...it's depressing.

Well, I'm off for the night. I'll write more tomorrow perhaps...if anything happens besides work. Later guys and gals...


Thursday, February 03, 2005

Hey Guys....I'm Back

I've decided to start up a new blog account, just to see what happens. I wouldn't expect to much if I were you, but hey...it's good to be back!

I'm not going to talk about anything right now, but look back later to see what's going on....later!